Jeremy Slavitz
Based in San Francisco, California

Release date:
July 6, 2016

Mac, PC, Linux (Steam)


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Metamorphic is a first person physics-based puzzle platformer. Each level contains an assortment of non-gravity, gravity and antigravity cubes which the player must absorb, configure and then morph. Progression through the each of the unique spaces in the game furthers the player's understanding of the physical systems underlying each type of cube. Only by understanding the space he is in and the cubes he has to work with can a player get to the exit of each level and, ultimately, ascend to the surface of Metamorphia.


The idea for Metamorphic was born nearly three and a half years ago in January of 2013. From Jeremy's desire to express the beauty of physics and engineering within a world defined by the atmosphere of two perspective altering games – Portal and Mirror's Edge – the basis for Metamorphic came to be. Combining the idea of linear puzzles from Portal with the voxel world of Minecraft with the transformation aspect of the LEGO games, the mechanic of began developing.

While the aesthetic of Metamorphic evolved quite easily over the next two years, the core mechanic of the game proved to be a much more difficult element to get right. Although many hours were spent on its development, after playtesting, it was clear it lacked the simpilicy and elegance needed to make its usage enjoyable. While Metamorphic was a playable game, it did not provoke the feeling Jeremy wanted so after two years of development, Metamorphic was shelved indefinitely.

Fortunately, the story did not end there. After two months of letting the problem percolate, the idea for the mechanic as it exists today suddenly came to light. After a week's worth of protoyping, it was clear that this new mechanic would enable him to build the game that woudl deliver the feeling he had envisioned. Roughly one year of intense development later, Metamorphic is nearly ready to launch!


  • Procedural, voxel physics based mechanic unlike any you've ever encountered
  • A multitude of beautiful, immersive, atmospheric levels
  • Skill development based puzzle solving that makes every level feel new and challenging
  • A gun that can create, destroy and morph voxels of varying properties allowing you to solve puzzles in astonishing ways


Metamorphic - Official Trailer YouTube

About Jeremy Slavitz

Jeremy Slavitz is a game designer from San Francisco, CA currently studying computer science at Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Metamorphic Credits

Jeremy Slavitz

Alex Gronowski
Advisor, Investor

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