When you are an active member of CSGOEmpire, you know the importance of a csgoempire codeThere are so many websites that are giving these free codes that it can be difficult to know which the right one is. If you are new to these world of online skin betting you are about to find out the best way to gamble using only skins.

CSGOEmpire players have the option of selecting any of the several bonuses and promotions that are available. When you are trying the website for the first time you will be able to get a quick referral code bonus. Sometimes you may also get a gift case but as you progress in the game you will get upgraded cases that contain higher rewards. There is another popular method of collecting coins. There is a random coin rain every hour which you can use to get free coins. It is a popular promotional activity that takes place in the chat area. If you follow the developer on social media platforms you can also get the free goodies that are sent out during the holiday seasons. If you follow CSGOEmpire on Twitter you can score some of the best free giveaways that are given out during special events and holiday season.

Getting a free case by using the code

The promo codes are not only good for getting you free coins. As a new player, you are going to get a case for free. But after that, you will have to level up to earn a new case with better rewards. However, by registering for the promo codes, you will also get a free case code. Entering the code will get you a case. The skin you win inside the case is yours and you practically got it for free. You can then use the skin to exchange it for coins and then use the coin for betting. Coins are the main currency used to wager on the games that are played on the website. You can also withdraw the skins if you want.

Different ways to get new skin

The gift codes are a great way to unlock different cases but they are not the only way in which you can earn some skins. You get also get a case by playing one of the games on the website. When you bet on any of the games you stand a chance to win a case. The higher level you are at the better daily cases you are going to open. The best way to progress on the website CSGOEmpire is by playing consistently every day.  You can get the best csgoempire code from YouTube videos and tutorials. Many videos are uploaded daily for new users. Once you get a code you have to use them quickly before it gets used up by other players. Always try to use new codes from your favourite YouTube video uploader. Follow the tips without fail and gain the rewards.