The Counter-Strike Global Offensive game is now available to play for free. The players who paid can now be a prime member and gain the benefits. The free players can now access the game using the steam account. You can buy CSGO prime accounts that have multiple benefits like exclusive items to play in the game. In danger zones, players can get the power of 250 XP which helps in defeating the opponents easily. Also, the prime players are allowed to be played with the prime players which help in increasing the fair matches in the game.

Things To Know Before Buying CSGO Prime Accounts

The CSGO prime accounts are available for the players are provided with ranks. You can also upgrade your prime status to play matchmaking in CS GO. There are many features offered by the service which you can look at before purchasing the account.

  • Account types: There are different types of accounts like fresh account, ready account, and smurf account. Each has different rates and you can buy CSGO prime accounts depending on the requirements. Each account has its benefits and hence the players can easily get the advantages once the account is purchased. The account is global and the access is provided to the players from different part of the world.
  • Payment: The payment for each account varies depending on the features offered. You can buy these accounts by online transactions and the process is very simple. Once you click ‘Buy Now’ you will be redirected to the payment gateway page to start the payment process.
  • Instant delivery: The delivery of the account package will be delivered after a few minutes of payment confirmation. Any discrepancies can be clarified with 24×7 customer support.
  • Features for each account: Each account has its features like playing time, number of wins offered, rank, medals offered, and so on. The steam account with a verified email id will be provided to the users for each buying account.
  • Customer support: The customer support offers valuable information like solutions for your queries, complaints, and any issues to buy CSGO prime accounts.

These are the things you need to know before purchasing the CSGO prime accounts. If you have already one, you can purchase upgrades for continuing the account. The easy payment and order placement process make it easy for the players to access and lead the game among prime members easily.