You just read a heart-fluttering moment in the romance novel, and now you are smiling all day because it is the effect romance novels have on us. We feel these deep connections in our heart that we have never experienced before that makes our hearts somersault, cry, and laugh hysterically.

As readers, in some instances, we feel like if I were the writer, I would do this instead of that; then you can get with the Storypix and Kahanibox, interactive story platforms where you can decide how the stories unfold.

People are fascinated by the interactive Hindi story game where you are the one who decides what clothes the characters will wear, what fashion style they will have, what dialogues they will speak, everything. So people who love romantic stories should play these story games.

As Indians, I believe that our cinema and television industry is best at giving us the best romantic Indian stories. We have some of our country’s best writers and actors who perform their best.

Like science fiction piques your interest in time travel and a good mystery awakens your inner detective, romance novels celebrate the love that inspires readers and teaches them valuable lessons. No other genre portrays happiness, loyalty, and love quite the same way as in these books, but there is lovely magic. As a result, romance is still one of the most popular genres in the publishing industry. And for a good reason: romance novels are fantastic.

Just imagine how many people you will meet in your life that will open up their hearts to you, express their emotions, love and cherish you, in whose shoes you can step, in whose life you can escape, feel someone’s emotions, and the list goes on.

Why do people love reading romantic novels?

Yes. Romances, like suspense, fantasy, or thrillers, can provide a getaway from the real world—a natural world that is often rough and demanding. Nobody would judge someone negatively if they were engrossed in a romance film. Romance novels are also another viable option for passing the time. Take that book and immerse yourself in it. Then, when the break ends, pull back up.

For a happy ending, authors mainly write romance novels with the intention of a great story that entices feelings of joy, hope, and positivity in the readers. So when you pick up a romance novel, you can almost always expect a happy ending. Whether it’s your favourite characters finally getting together or discovering themselves, romance novels are all about hope and love.

But, in my opinion, just binging Hindi full episodes of romance novels is like medicine that allows everyone to get a good sleep or a pain reliever that takes the sting out of a headache. So they’re a bit of assistance and hope we need to keep going.

Why do we watch films, series or Hindi drama stories? Take a break from life, work, stress, and so on. Of course, the challenges and difficulties remain, but we need a time-out to re-energize and relax our minds. Then, when the story is over, we can return to our lives a little bit stronger and hope everything will be fine.