With new updates for ShadowLands on the horizon, many users are seriously thinking about fast leveling. The new leveling system will lower the current value for players who have reached level 120 to level 50.

Turning to the Epiccarry’s “old hands,” you will instantly get rid of unnecessary hassle. These boosters know all the recipes and secrets of upgrading your character and going through all dungeons with getting some special bonuses.

Don’t Pass By Gear

You shouldn’t throw up your hands after realizing that your character’s levels will be revised. With the new Relic of the Past system, players can use old items and attach appropriate relics to make them viable again. This step will allow you to take an item from the old world and transfer it to the new one while raising its level to 100 relatively easy.

Stock Up on Supplies

If you want to get your warrior skyrocketed, be sure to use all available tools at hand, namely:

  • flasks
  • food buffs
  • potions

What about Addons?

If you want to make your character leveling as efficient as possible, don’t forget installing Azeroth Auto Pilot. You can use its new built-in quest tracking system and stay updated on tasks already completed.

FasterLoot is equally essential. Some beginners overlook the speed of looting. The expansion minimizes the time required for it since a window opens in a split second. As any hotshot gold farmer will tell you, this can make a massive difference to every gamer in the long run.

Suppose that you need about 1 second to extract items after each killed mob. When you complete a level by killing a hundred enemies, this can quickly add several hours of gameplay in the course of leveling a character.

Cooperative Play Style

One of the most apparent tricks that can quickly level up a character is cooperative play. Actually, your teammates can help you destroy enemies much faster.

Make Sure to Explore New Dungeons

It may take you a little longer than you expect. You can find new items and improve your experience to kill mobs much faster.