Tip 1: Slide

First tip is to slide everywhere. You want to slide off of ledges because you go flying when you slide off ledges. It helps your movement speed. You want to slide into gunfights; you want to slide around the corner if you’re one shot trying to run away and just finesse.

You want to make sure you’re slide canceling though so slide then hit your x or a button whether if you’re on controller or whatever you have to hit on a mouse and keyboard and then you will do a slide cancel and you’ll be popped up ready to go right out of your slide.

Tip 2: Stay Grounded

Second tip is to don’t jump. Jump shooting a message with your aim assists so badly and will just make you start missing shots so do not jump. I don’t know what they did to it but stop your jump shooting. It’s a habit and it happens but try and take it out of your gameplay.

Because if not it’s going to get you killed more times then you get the kill with it because you’re going to lose aim assist and your shot’s going to go everywhere. So take the jump shot out of your game.

Tip 3: Gun Ranking

Third tip is to focus on one gun ranking up it takes forever to rank guns up but when you don’t have the fully stacked gun your gun’s going to be weaker than everyone else’s. People will kill you and you’ll be like how do they kill me?

You need to make sure you have the gun fully stacked all the attachments on it. Also when you unlock gunfighter put gunfighter on so you can put eight attachments on the weapon it’s so good.

Tip 3: Grenades

Now let’s say you’re getting spawn trapped on satellite they have all the top middle control by the planes there and the head glitches sitting up there use your tactical. Throw your stuns at them; throw your nades at them; make them weak; make them move and then you can push up and get power position.

Because especially on satellite it’s so easy to spawn kill when you have the top mid control so make sure you’re using your lethal and your tacticals to get them out of the power positions.

Tip 5: Utilize Stim

If you want to use something that’s going to help you stay alive a lot longer your one shot you pop it instantly. Use stim you can use it instead of a stun, so you still have a nade to throw your nades across the map and do all that good stuff. Push them out of power positions but stim allows you to finesse so hard.

You can get a two or three piece in their base, your one shot instantly stim you could reach out because it heals just like that. So its stim just like black ops 4 and modern warfare but use stim and pubs. It is so good and it’s so frustrating when you get out of one shot you push him and then he comes out full health and just destroys you because he used stem real quick so use stem on your class.

Tip 6: Boosting

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