The trending live-entertainment form, escape rooms, has created a lot of buzz in the USA for its unique concept! People love to challenge themselves through this immersive game and have been hopping on the trend ever since! But why? What are these escape rooms? What is the hype around these games? Read further to understand the concept behind these mind-gripping games!

How it all started

The worldwide trend was conceptualized because of the famous escape room video games. In case you haven’t heard of them, these video games are point and click simulations where users search for clues, picture puzzles, and riddles to solve a mystery with an intricate storyline. Once they collect all the necessary items and hidden pieces, they win the game by putting it all together and unlocking the room they are locked in. This game was originally a single-player simulation, but it turned into a multi-player real-life game when Japan’s creative mind brought it to life!

He envisioned turning these escape room games into a real-life adventure where teams get locked in a single themed room packed with linear puzzles and clues. He fulfilled his vision by constructing the first escape room, and all the thrill-seekers loved the idea! The idea of recreating a video game was intriguing, and the concept spread across the world, especially the US!

The concept aimed to make even a normie feel like an adventurer, build connections, learn some handy life skills in a short span of 60 minutes!

Elements in an escape room

  1. Lock and key: These elements are one of the main props that drive the escape room. Since the main goal in escape rooms is to unlock a door and escape, the involvement of a lock and key is understood! Now that escape rooms have grown and improvised; you will also find hundreds of brands sporting sub-rooms and hidden rooms in their games! The type of lock and key depends entirely on the escape brand and the theme of the game you have chosen. You may find traditional locks, number combination locks, or sensor activator locks too!

  1. Hidden codes: Imagine yourself searching for a code all over the room to end up finding it on the prop you thought was a herring! Escape rooms are all about the twists! The concept aims to surprise people and push them to think from a different perspective! You can find hidden codes behind a painting, under a table, or even in plain sight! All you have to do is bring your detective side into action to figure things out and win!

  1. Props: Themed props can act as a great accessory to a good escape room plot. For instance, in a dungeon room, you can find props like torture items and low-light lamps. They play a role in making the game as immersive as possible. If the escape room is futuristic or tech-based, you might even find automated props that move in response to touch, light, or sound!

  1. Red-herring: While props can act as a significant hiding spot for clues and puzzles, they could also be a mere accessory with no relation to the plotline. These props are called red herrings. They are placed in these rooms mainly to distract the linear story and cause confusion. If you think hard enough, you can easily make out what is essential and what is not!

  1. Sound and lighting: This aspect also plays a significant role in making every customer’s experience an immersive one. Well-thought lighting works and sound effects give more life to the story and help players transport to a different world.
  2. Puzzles – Without a doubt, mysteries are the heart and soul of the escape game. A good puzzle is one that challenges you to push your boundaries and think in different ways. And when you figure it out in the end, the Aha! The moment is more than satisfying!

Benefits of an escape room

Recreating the video game was undoubtedly a mind-blowing decision, and all the adventure-seekers, stressed-out students, and overworked office-workers seem to agree!

Unlimited Fun!

Escape rooms allow players to figuratively escape reality as they explore the unnatural ambiances and under-pressure situations. It helps them forget their stress and worry and focus on the murder mystery before them! Players also get to step into the shoes of criminals, detectives, bomb-defusers, magicians, and superheroes.

It proves that everyone can experience their Hollywood-blockbuster-moment, even if it is just for an hour!

Professional skill-building:

You can also pick up a handful of skills from these immersive games! Your success in an escape room adventure is based on your teamwork. If your team consists of a bunch of strangers who are unwilling to cooperate, you might as well accept defeat!

 While solving the challenging puzzles in an escape room, you learn the importance of coordination and cooperation. You also know when to speak and when to listen. These qualities are essential in every professional individual, and these games will teach you how to adopt them in the most enjoyable way possible!

 Socializing and connecting:

Apart from these benefits, you also get to break your boundaries and connect with your team! Whether you visit with a bunch of friends, family members, or colleagues, the panic-filled rush in these will help you let loose and share a few memories! You might start talking to a person who was never close to you, or you might discover that your friend has a hidden knack for cracking tricky mathematical riddles!

So, book an escape room game at any escape brand of your choice and create memories you won’t forget!

Top Escapade brands to try!

  1. Trapology Escape Room, Boston
  2. Fox In A Box Escape Room, Miami
  3. Epic Escape Room, Denver
  4. OMEscape Escape Room, NYC


The idea of Escape Rooms has been a boon to many people, including bored individuals and adventure seekers. The concept has made them capable of playing a lead action movie protagonist without causing harm to the objects and people around them!

Step into the world of action and adventure by booking an escape room game with your friends and family!