The new Free 2 title from Riot Games is a real team shooter. The emphasis is on the team, not the shooter – the latter is more the means to an end. Lively communication within your team is essential to be victorious. This game tip for Valorant may sound superfluous, but it is not: Team communication is the key to success far more than in other team games. Among other things, this is due to the significantly reduced game speed.

Positioning, routes, and information about the opposing points of attack are three essential core pieces of information that a team should constantly exchange. Going it alone is not very promising – at least in matches with opponents of equal value. The exchange of information about who is playing which agent is also essential. Classic communication via headset and microphone is the route of choice at Valorant. If you can’t fall back on it, you should definitely use the game’s ping function.


Anyone who plays Valorant for the first time will quickly notice that this game feels different from most competitive titles. Riot’s idea of ​​a team shooter is slower: just running across the map with the gun drawn and jumping is something that can work great in Battlefield, but is not a suitable means with Valorant. The shooter forces players to rest. And this is exactly why: Prudence and tactical procedures are more important than run-and-gun gameplay.

If you run, you hardly meet at Valorant. Aiming is then extremely difficult. In addition, opponents can immediately hear if someone sprints across the map – the steps reveal positions relatively accurately. It is, therefore, better to go slowly and use speed as a tactical component, for example when you can be absolutely sure that there are no opponents in the vicinity – then a short sprint can put you in a good position. But you shouldn’t always use your “fast shoes” for this.

Shooting wildly during the sprint is pointless. Valorant forces players to shoot from a resting position. The formula is simple: if you stand still, you have a good chance of scoring. Then the accuracy is highest. Even when walking, you shouldn’t rely on continuous fire. Firing individual shots is okay, if you press the trigger as far as it will go, your accuracy decreases enormously. The best thing is: stop and shoot.


In contrast to Overwatch, Valorant is not a pure hero shooter in which the team with the most beautiful thunderstorm effect wins. It depends more on tactics and your own skills than on the agent’s special skills. So don’t rely on the specials, but use them as a tactical bonus.

All special abilities can be used correctly and be enormously powerful. However, it should be used exactly that way: with the right timing. Basically, the specials at Valorant have a supportive character, they are not killer skills. This is especially true because they are only available in limited quantities – waste should therefore be avoided.

Anyway, you should have played every agent and at least know their skills. Here Riot Games is based on its MOBA hit League of Legends. The “Main” is not allowed to exist at Valorant. A balanced team is better than a group of favorite heroes.


You don’t need new weapons every turn unless you die, then you have to go shopping. If you survive, you should use the gun from the previous round. On the one hand, this has perhaps already proven itself; on the other hand, the money can then be used in later, decisive rounds in order to buy advantages.

Instead, take the weapon of a defeated opponent, because you will also take this with you to the next round – if you survive. If you already want to spend money, then the investment in armor is more sensible, often even advisable.